US States With Legal Sports Betting

We bet you probably do not realize that every state has legal sports betting available. The truth is that there are no laws that prevent the players from betting on sports online as long as the bookmaker is located offshore. This page will discuss the reasons why some states have different laws then others and what they mean to you as a player.

Legal sports betting sites for US players litter the web, and there are now more safe options than ever before. Players from anywhere in the nation can access these sites legally, and without the danger of going through a bookie that will break your arm. There are no states with legal sports betting in person accept Delaware and Nevada, but every province has options online, and this is what we will explore in this article.

Few will argue that there is a certain art involved in predicting sports results. The oddsmakers create the moneyline, a spread, and many other betting lines for sports fans to micro-manage when betting on their favorite games and teams. In the end, it’s all about predicting outcomes, and adding an extra layer of excitement to a game. If you ask us there should be land based sportsbooks in all 50 states since it is obviously takes skill to pick a winner.

Can I Bet on Sports Legally in my Home State?

From Washington to Maine, or North Dakota to Texas, players from anywhere in the US can bet on sports legally. All states offer legal sports betting options, and most of these are located on the web. Legal sports betting sites for US residents operate outside of the country, and are accessible to all. There is no law, federal or statewide, that restricts anyone from using these sites.

Land-based sports wagering is a different story. Many states do not allow sports betting events to take place on land, which is why so many Americans use the legal online sportsbooks. The few states that do offer sports betting events have limited options when compared to the renowned websites.

States With Legal Land Based Betting

Delaware’s nickname is “The Diamond State”, but it will be hard to strike it rich when betting on land-based sports here. The state offers limited on-land sports betting at venues like the Casino at Delaware Park in Wilmington. On a typical parlay card, the odds are fixed, and minimum wagers will be around $2, with maximums in the $100 range. This can be fun for some limited, low-stakes sports betting, but with so few options, the betting process tends to be frustrating.

Nevada is the gambling hub of America, and offers the only real land-based sportsbooks in the nation. There is mobile betting, online odds, and legal bookmakers that will handle your money professionally. This is the only state in the nation that offers true sports betting, and a trip to Vegas will always result in an exciting, social sports wagering experience.

Online Sports Betting In the US

For most of us, the sports fans that don’t live in or near Nevada, the prime way to bet on sports is via the internet. Online sportsbooks are legal for residents in all states, and have the added benefit of not making you leave the house to wager. The federal policy on sports betting disallows land-based establishments in most states, and requires legal sportsbooks to function outside of the US. As long as you are using one of these overseas sportsbooks, you are safe, no matter what state you live in.

No one can get in trouble for betting at a legal online sportsbook that accepts US players, and no one ever has. The statistics speak well of the safety that these sites offer, but learning a bit about the statutes has the added benefit of making you sure that you are playing within the letter of the law.

The federal sports betting laws only require that a: sportsbooks don’t operate on US shores, b: land-based sports betting is limited to Nevada (and a few other states to a lesser extent), and c: payouts for online sportsbooks are sent through methods such as checks, or wire transfers, instead of directly to a credit/debit card. All of the legal online sportsbooks for US players follow these criteria.

State Online Sports Betting Laws

The individual state laws fall in line with the federal policy. As long as a site is following the rules stated in the last section, it is available for anyone to use legally. No state has specific laws that restrict citizens from using a legal sports betting site. No matter where you are, these sites will be safe options when itching to place a bet on your favorite game.

We have individual pages dedicated to the laws of each state. We suggest checking the page that covers your state for further explanations about the gambling statutes. For now, you can be sure that, no matter where you live, using a legal sports betting site is safe. Read more about sports betting laws in the USA here.

Legal Sports Betting Age In Each State

The legal betting age is of prime importance when deciding to play online. Gambling age varies state to state, but usually fall in the 18-21 range. The sites themselves will also have minimum age restrictions in place that must be followed in order to sign up. 18 years of age will be the usual minimum, but some sites might require you to be 21. Always follow the state guidelines on the issue of age, as underage gambling is no laughing matter.

Underage gambling violations can run the gamut from a small citation, to a felony. Each state has different penalties in place for underage gamblers. This is an easy enough offense to avoid, so always make sure you are playing above the legal age.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Players From All 50 States

Many sites out there claim to offer prime sports betting action for everyone. Too often, these sites fail to deliver on either the sports betting promise, or the acceptance of Individuals from all 50 states. We scoured the web in order to find the site that offers the best of both worlds. This legal US sports betting site has what many believe to be the greatest sportsbook in the industry, and accepts players from anywhere in the nation. Experience pulse-pounding live betting action from wherever you reside, at the best USA sportsbooks and gambling sites.

Legal Sports Betting For Players in All 50 States
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For an online sports betting site that creates an atmosphere of unadulterated excitement for sports fans throughout the US, look no further than for all you could want and much more. The sportsbook is massive, but easy to use, and there are odds for every major sport as well as many lesser-known competitions. You will find straight wagers, totals, money lines, parlays, teasers, futures and much more. IF you are new to sports betting, there is handy glossary of terms, and each betting type has a walk-through feature that will turn you into a pro in no time. Limits are high, usually around the $5,000 mark for spreads and money lines, and around $1,000 for futures. now offers an astounding mobile betting option that allows players from every state to make wagers on their mobile devices. This intuitive iPhone and Android platform makes betting on a game simple, and convenient. You can even bet during a live game, as the odds update in real-time during every shift in the action. Never feel the malaise of waiting in a long line again with’s sports betting app.

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