Bovada Sportsbook Review - US Players Accepted

Welcome to, where dreams become reality and eternal wealth can manifest with the click of a mouse. Bovada is the prime choice for American sports fans. The folks at Bovada believe that sports betting should be as entertaining as it is safe, and they display both with professional aplomb.

This page will cover the important aspects of Bovada that make it the best legal online sportsbook in the USA. We will examine who can play at Bovada, why the site is legal to US players, why the site is safe, and what kind of rewards are in store for members. If this is your first time experiencing a legal online sportsbook, you are in for a treat. Visit Bovada

Bovada Sportsbook - Quick Reference Guide

  • Bovada is the biggest online sportsbook that accepts US players
  • Bovada can send you your winnings As fast as the next day
  • Bovada pays out more then $10 million a month during football season
  • Bovada is Legal in all 50 States in the USA But is not regulated
  • Bovada Sportsbook is the most popular of all USA online sportsbooks

Who Is Allowed To Bet On Sports At Bovada?

Best Overall Sportsbook That Accepts U.S. Players
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Bovada accepts players from 46 of the 50 states. Residents of New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland unfortunately will not be able to join Bovada. This is because each of these states uses their own wagering sites. This is actually a detriment, rather than a positive thing, since Bovada blows these stateside sites out of the water on every front. If you happen to live in any of the states that Bovada doesn’t accept, there are still a few great legal online sportsbooks out there if you do some searching.

The only other stipulation for joining Bovada is your age. Members must be over 18 to join the site, but they are also held accountable to their own state’s betting age. Be sure and check your state law to ensure that you are of age before signing up.

Is Bovada Legal For USA Players?

Players cannot get in trouble for using Bovada because it operates within the edicts of US gambling law. According to the federal legislature, a legal sports betting site for US players must operate outside of the country. Bovada is comfortably situated in Quebec, Canada, where facilitating an online sportsbooks is legal. American sports bettors can join the site and wager real money safely, without fear of legal recourse.

If you live in any of the 46 states that Bovada accepts, then you can play legally. Bovada is located in Quebec, Canada, and this makes it legal to use for citizens of any state that the site accepts. The sports betting laws require websites to function outside of the US in order for players to use them. Bovada Is in accordance with this law, making it one of the best legal online sportsbooks for USA players. You will have no issue playing at Bovada as long as you reside in a state that the site accepts. Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or Nevada residents will need to look elsewhere for their sports betting action.

Is Bovada Sportsbook Safe For US Players?

Bovada takes pride in their stellar reputation for safety. This legal USA sports betting site uses current security software and unparalleled encryption techniques to keep your information safe. Never has a member been a victim of cyber-terrorism or had their account put in jeopardy. Bovada garners acclaim from giants of sports entertainment such as USA Today and CBS Sports. This kind of reputation is hard won, and no site receives mentions from esteemed outlets like these without making member security a top priority.

Bovada has been in business for more than two decades, and has a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The reason this site is high on the list of sports fans worldwide is that they know that it has earned its credentials. There is no safer legal online sportsbook for USA residents.

Reasons Why Bovada Is The Best For USA Players

We are sports fans, and we know what to look for in a legal USA sports betting site. The first priority when signing up for a site is to examine the safety features that the site employs. You want to be sure the sportsbooks uses advanced encryption techniques and current security software to keep customers information safe. If you feel that the site is safe to use, you can move on to rewards, deposit/payout methods, and other features that make the site unique. Bovada is our pick for the best online sportsbook for USA players because it accomplishes all of these criteria with virtuosic precision.

Bovada Signup Bonuses:

Bovada makes new members feel at home right off the bat. The Welcome Bonus can grant new signups up to $250 to use on the entire sportsbook. This 50% reward will add half of your initial deposit to your bankroll just for joining the site. The rewards don’t stop after you sign up, there are also sport free-plays, refer-a-friend bonuses, weekend combos, mobile rebates, and live-betting bonuses. This site continually rewards loyalty, and millions of members will attest to the unparalleled generosity of Bovada. Check out the promotions page to see what is on offer today, they seem to come up with a new way to reward members every week.

Bovada Deposit Methods:

Bovada doesn’t offer the variety of some other sites when it comes to deposits, but the few methods that are here are the safest and fastest in the world. You can deposit with any Visa branded card, including gift cards and check/debit cards. This is the quickest way to deposit, usually taking just a few minutes to credit your account. If don’t feel like using a card, you can go to your local retail outlet and deposit via rapid transfer. This method is great for those that don’t like to use banks. Call Bovada with the confirmation number after you have sent the rapid transfer, and they will credit your account within 15 minutes.

Bovada Payouts + Payout Methods:

Similar to deposits, Bovada only offers a few payout methods, but they happen to be the safest methods in the business. The most popular way to collect winnings is by an old-fashioned check in the mail. Checks may sound outdated, but they are the most popular method for online sports bettors because they don’t go through banks, and they can be cashed at any time. The gambling laws restrict funds from transferring directly into a bank account, so checks are a safe and legal way to receive your payouts. Bovada also offers rapid transfers for payouts. This is a great option for large withdrawals because there are some steep fees involved.

Sports To Bet On At Bovada:

Bovada’s main draw, other than the renowned safety, is the peerless sportsbook. There is no competition in the game right now with a comparable sportsbook. Bovada receives expert odds faster than anyone else does, and the lines update hourly. You will find every major sport, from baseball to UFC, and there are even E-sports and political/entertainment props. Bovada welcomes all fans of competitive gaming, and you will be sure to find an exciting event to wager on no matter where your tastes lie.

Ways To Bet:

The legal USA online sportsbook at Bovada offers an array of betting options. You can simply bet on who will win a game, but if you like to follow every aspect of a sport, you can micro-manage to your heart’s desire. You will find straight wagers, parlays, live betting, props, futures, totals, and much more at Bovada. Each method has a page dedicated to explaining it, so you will be betting like a pro in no time. Bovada is the place to play for amateurs and professionals alike, and after your first few bets, you will be up to date on all the sports betting jargon.

Ways To Access Bovada Sportsbook:

Bovada keeps up with current trends by offering a myriad of ways to bet on the sportsbook. You can obviously play to your heart’s content from your PC or laptop, but there are now even more convenient options. With Bovada’s Mobile Betting, you can get in on the game from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or Android device. There has never been a better for betting on sports when it comes to convenience. You can also call the site to make wagers over the phone. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and you might get some insider knowledge if you have a silver tongue…

Customer Service:

Bovada knows that customer satisfaction is the way to stay alive in the cutthroat world of online sportsbooks. They have been ruling the game for over two decades because they treat their members like family. You can contact the site by phone 24 hours a day or you can send in a question with the simple contact form. They usually respond to emails within 24 hours, and the staff are knowledgeable native English speakers. There is also a gigantic “getting started guide” for the sportsbook, which is well worth a look if you are new to sportsbetting.

Registration Process:

Signing up at Bovada is simple and quick. Just click on the “Join Now” button at the top right of the homepage, fill out some contact information, and you will be a new member of the Bovada family. One important thing to remember is that Bovada does not accept members from all fifty states. If you are in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or Nevada, you will have to explore other options. Bovada can’t accept residents form these states because they offer stateside wagering sites, and want to keep citizens from joining nationwide sportsbooks. This is unfortunate, because Bovada beats out these smaller betting sites in every way. Visit Bovada

Overall Synopsis of Bovada offers everything a sports fan could want. The humongous sportsbook will serve the needs of fans of almost every competitive game in the world, and the expert odds update faster than all their competitors do. The site has a prestigious reputation for safety, which is one of the reasons so many members use Bovada exclusively. Customer Service is friendly and informative, and the sports betting guide is massive and easy to use.

This sportsbook operates under accordance with the strict gaming guidelines established by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as well as a certificate of good standing. These certifications only represent sites that offer supreme security to their members. Bovada trumps the competition in so many ways it’s no wonder millions of sports fans in America call it home. Visit Bovada

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