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The life of a sports betting enthusiast can be demanding these days and is simply here to help you deal with it all. First, one has to find a legal sports betting venue (there are many, serving players from all over the US). Secondly, one needs to be sure that they can wager real money in a safe and secure way. USA sportsbook deposits vary from site to site, but all of the peerless ones offer fast methods for funding an account.

This article will examine the deposit methods offered by many sports betting sites, and explain why they matter. We will look at the laws that surround sports wagering, money transfers, and more. If you have not tried out a legal USA online sportsbook, this page will be a great first step.

Why Are Sportsbook Deposits Necessary?

This may seem like an obvious question, but there is a little more to it then that. Deposits are necessary because there are certain laws that disallow players from betting on credit. These laws do not impede on an enjoyable sports betting experience, they only cause the sites to accept funds in different ways. By making a deposit, you are essentially buying credits. These credits show up in the cashier section, which hold your bankroll, which you use to bet. Betting on the sportsbook with these credits will add to/deplete the bankroll depending on whether you win or lose. It’s just like betting from your own bank account, except that you are using a new account that you set up on the site.

Is Making A Deposit Into A Sportsbook Legal?

The answer is yes, making deposits at legal online sportsbooks is safe. The only gambling law that involves money transactions is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. This act sounds much worse than it is, since there are many legal sports betting sites for US players out there. The UIGEA only restricts electronic fund transfers directly from credit/debit card accounts. This is why, when you make a deposit at a legal online sportsbook, you will not be breaking any laws.

The gambling laws that exist in this country do not target average sports bettors; they target the operators of land-based/online establishments. Anyone in the US is able to use a legal USA sports betting site, such as the ones we review. These sites function outside of the country, where they are legal to operate. Moreover, American’s can use them as often as they like.

Article: Is Sports Betting Legal In The U.S.A.?

Processing Times For Sportsbook Deposits

Depending on the deposit option you choose, the money will be available instantly, or within a few weeks at the most. Deposits from cards usually take a maximum of a couple of hours, while other methods such as Money Orders can take a week or more. Most sites offer credit/debit and rapid transfer deposits at the least. Many great legal sportsbetting sites also offer Bitcoin, bank wire transfers, checks, and more. The sites we review will always offer the fastest processing times possible.

Fees on SA Sportsbook Deposits

Legal online sportsbooks in the USA need to charge small fees for most deposits to cover international transfer costs, currency exchange prices, etc… The sites do their best to keep these fees as low as possible. For example, a Visa deposit will usually come with a fee of around 4.9%. This is a very low fee, which makes credit card deposits very popular. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Money Order deposits will usually come with a fee of around $40-$60, making this method only truly useful for large deposits. The fees vary for each deposit procedure, but you can be sure that these sites will keep the fees as low as possible.

Minimums/Maximums on Sportsbook Deposits

Legal US online sportsbooks have to regulate how much money is moving across the borders to stay within the parameters of international exchange laws. This means that there are minimums and maximums for each deposit method. The minimum for a credit/debit deposit will usually be between $20 and $50, while the maximum hovers around $1,000 to $3,000. Other deposit options like Money Orders and checks tend to hive higher minimums/maximums. All of this information will be available at the online cashier on each site.

Deposit Methods, Pros and Cons

Credit Card Sportsbook Deposits

Pro: The best thing about using a credit card to make a deposit is speed, and convenience. Your account will credit within an hour in most cases, and you don’t have to mail anything or contact anyone. This is the most popular deposit method.

Con: Occasionally cards will be declined when making overseas transactions. There is no harm in trying out multiple cards when making a deposit, to see which one works. This can be annoying, but is not a “make or break” situation by any means.

Sportsbook Deposits Using Rapid Transfers

Pro: The best thing about rapid transfers is that you don’t need to go through a bank at all. You can go to your local retail outlet that offers rapid transfers, and send it straight to the sportsbook. This method is very popular.

Con: The minimums can be somewhat steep for rapid transfers. They are usually around $100, making this an attractive method for larger deposits.

BitCoin Sportsbook Deposits

Pro: This relatively new method is great for people with Bitcoin accounts. There is rarely a fee, but Bitcoin is its own form of currency, exchange rates will vary. This is a fast and safe method for making a deposit.

Con: Sites will occasionally turn off their Bitcoin deposit option. This is rare, but you may have to choose another deposit method if you happen to be trying to add funds to your account when this option is unavailable. When this happens, the option usually reappears in a day or two.

Sportsbook Deposits Using Money Orders

Pro: Much like rapid transfers, money orders take the bank out of the equation. A money order will never decline, and you can purchase them from many places in your town.

Con: Minimums are quite high for money orders, usually around $300. We only recommend this method for large deposits, as there are also fees ranging from $20 to $60, depending on the deposit amount.

Using eWallets To Make Sportsbook Deposits

Pro: eWallets such as NETeller are similar to Bitcoin deposits, however methods like NETeller are not an option for US residents. Using BitCoin is fast, and there are low minimums, making this a great option for those with eWallet accounts.

Con: Time involved in going through another site to make a deposit can get tiring. Whenever you make a eWallet deposit, you will have to enter your account ID, security ID, etc… This is a solid option, but many of the other methods are more popular.

Easiest Deposits At The Best USA Online Sportsbooks

We have covered why sportsbooks must take deposits, and the legality of using such sites. We also explored processing times, fees, and minimums/maximums. There are many options for wagering on a sport, and these great deposit methods will have you betting in no time. These sites are completely safe to use, and there are now more legal online sportsbooks that accept US players than ever before. Now that you know all about the deposit methods that are available, it’s time to check out a leading online sportsbook. This site offers the best deposit options in the business, and has a solid reputation for safety and professionalism.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

When it comes to options, has all the bases covered. The sportsbook is massive, and filled with every detail a sports fan could want, but this site also offers a plethora of deposit options. Credit/debit, person-to-person, money orders, Bitcoin, bank wire transfers, and checks, just to name a few… you will never be left searching for a safe way to make a deposit at The minimums are as low as $10 and the maximums are as high as $24,900 (with a few methods such as bank wire transfer having no maximum amount).

BetOnline is brimming with unique sportsbook features that keep the site exciting. One of the innovative new features is Live Betting, letting you bet on every aspect of a game as it plays out in real time. This is by far our favorite way to bet. The odds constantly update throughout the game, giving you many opportunities to make money.

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