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Welcome to our page that features the best mobile sports betting sites and apps available to US players. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and these days the world expects convenience. Amazon will fly packages to your house with drones, and there is now software that will let you talk to your computer, taking keyboards out of the equation. The online sports betting world is doing their part in keeping up with the ever-changing power of technology. Legal sports betting sites for US players now make betting easier than ever with mobile sports betting apps.

This page will fill players in on all the mobile sports betting options available on the web. We will examine the leading online sportsbooks in the market today, as well as explain each mobile wagering app that they offer.

Are Mobile Sports Betting Apps Legal for US Players?

The laws that dictate the sports betting world leave players with many options. Legislature heavily regulates land-based sports wagering establishments, with only four states in the nation allowing them. The online landscape is much different, and there are many safe and legal sports betting apps for US residents out there. Overseas websites offer these apps, and you can access them from anywhere in the US. As long as a sports betting app is operating overseas, it can be accessed by US players safely.

Legal US sportsbook apps operate from the same sources as the legal online sports betting sites. These sites reside outside America, but are accessible by everyone in the nation. Members cannot get in trouble for using a mobile sports betting app, and nothing that shows up in a phones’ history is cause for alarm. Millions of citizens use these legal sports betting apps every day safely.

Best Online Sportsbooks with Mobile Sites Or Mobile Sports Betting Apps

The greatest legal online sportsbooks allow players to access the entire site from the palms of their hands. These sites function outside of the US, and are legal and safe to use by any sports fan in the nation. We will review our favorite sites, as well as their sports betting apps, to show you where to find the best action on the web. Betting on your favorite game has never been easier, as exciting, or as secure as it is now.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Site That Accepts U.S. Players
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Bovada Sportsbook

The excellent sportsbook at Bovada is just a drop in the bucket compared the entirety of features hiding in the site. This is a panoramic wagering site that offers everything a sports fan could want, and plenty more that many have never dreamt possible. Once in a blue moon a legal sports betting site defies our expectations, and Bovada was like discovering a golden keepsake in a crevice of the Titanic. The sportsbook, which is fully accessible with the mobile app, is astounding in its expanse. The software engineers must have superhuman capabilities to create such a deep sports betting algorithm that is as easy to use as it is to micro-manage.

The legal mobile sports betting app at Bovada is one of the greatest things that will ever appear on your iPhone or Android device. Check out some screenshots to see how beautiful this thing is. If there was ever a reason to buy a phone with a large screen, the Bovada sportsbook app is it.

One Of The Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps
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We prefer to the competition because it focuses on delivering excellent sportsbook action without annoying ads or unnecessary flashing lights. The site is simple to navigate, and makes betting on your favorite sports a breeze. The ordinary layout might turn off people that like having their senses overloaded, but this site designs to attract serious sports fans, not children. The entire sportsbook is accessible from the legal mobile sports betting app, and no download is required.

Sign in to from your iPhone or Android device and the site will automatically redirect you to the mobile sportsbook app. Here you will be able to take advantage of the gigantic sportsbook from anywhere in the world. You will never have a dull moment on that bus trip, or while waiting in line at the post office, again. is sure to please every sports fan, from casual bettors, to professional fanatics.

Best USA Sportsbooks for Mobile Betting
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Other Things To Know About Mobile Sports Betting Sites And Apps

Compatible Mobile Devices

Each optimum sports betting site allows players to access the sportsbook from any major mobile platform, including iPhone and Android devices. These features allow members to get in on a game that they might have otherwise missed. By enabling access to excellent sportsbooks at all times, you will never miss that upcoming game, no matter what mobile device you are using.

What Sports You Can Bet on With Mobile Apps

The sites we review allow users to access the entire sportsbook from the palms of their hands. Sports betting apps for iPhones allow Apple fanatics to get down and dirty with some in-depth sports betting action. Android sports betting apps allow users to play on their Nexus or Tablet for free, and there will never be a hidden charge or extra sign-up fee for using a mobile sports betting app.

FAQ's About Mobile Sports Betting In The USA

Q: Do I have to pay extra for mobile access?

A: Never! If a site ever asks you to pay to use a mobile sports betting app, find another site. The legal online sportsbooks reviewed here on BestSportsbooksUSA all offer free mobile betting features.

Q: Is a mobile site as secure as a regular site?

A: The mobile sports betting sites work in tandem with the websites. In most cases, there is no download needed, the site will just redirect you to the mobile version. Mobile sports betting apps are just as safe to use as the sites themselves.

Q: Can I make a deposit or request a payout, or sign up with my mobile app?

A: Most sites allow you to do everything that the regular site offers on your iPhone or Android sports betting app. You can make deposits, collect payouts, and manage your account from the palm of your hand.

Q: Do I have to worry about using my mobile app when I am out of state?

A: The wonderful thing about legal mobile sportsbook apps is that they are accessible from anywhere. If your phone service requires roaming charges when outside of your state, those charges will still apply.

Q: Does standard wifi/data use apply to a mobile app?

A: Yes, all standard data usage applies to mobile sports betting apps. The apps will not use any more data than a normal website would.

Best USA Sportsbooks
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