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Welcome to the most reliable website for those looking for the best sportsbooks for USA players. It came to you in a dream: you have it. Football season is kicking off tomorrow, and you know who is going to win the Super Bowl. You know their odds at winning are a longshot at best, and you know that a bet on them is going to pay out big bucks. You scramble out your front door with half your life savings in hand, knowing that by January it will have grown exponentially only… you’re nowhere near Las Vegas, and you have no idea how to legally place a bet in the United States.

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place. We here at Best Sportsbooks USA take our name seriously. We’re not just going to find you the sportsbooks that can take your bet; we’ve scoured the Earth to ensure that we’re bringing you the absolute best ones. The following page and the site as a whole will not only bring you to some of our very favorite online sportsbooks for USA players, but also help you to identify what to look for. Every site we recommend will be legal and safe to use, and offer tons of benefits to both new and long-term members. We’ve picked and chosen from the top names in the industry after collective decades of betting on sports, and we want to pass all of our knowledge on to our readers. Explore for more information!

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How Do We Find the Best Online Sportsbooks for USA Players?

There are many USA sports betting sites out there, but we aren’t satisfied with that. We only want the absolute best when it comes to processing our bets and treating us like valued clients instead of money vending machines. In the following section, we’ll go over what qualities we value in sports betting sites for US residents most of all. While checking off these parameters should give you a good idea on how to find a good sportsbook for yourself, you can get a head start by sticking to the sports betting sites that we so heavily endorse and recommend on this page. In order to find the best online sportsbooks for US residents, you should look for the following:

The Online Sportsbook Should Accept USA Players – This sounds obvious, but it’s easy to overlook. We’ve been fooled by a great looking website many a time, had our credit cards out and at the ready only to be foiled upon attempting to sign up. Once you’re settles on a sportsbook, it’s crucial to determine whether they offer service to USA players, as many do not. If you hit a roadblock here, don’t get discouraged! There are plenty of high quality sports betting sites that accept USA residents.

Is the sportsbook safe and legitimate? – A lot of US residents have a desire to bet on sports but not a lot of information on the options that exist or the laws surrounding them. This has left the door open for many fraudulent websites to take hold. In order to ensure that the sportsbook you want to use is a safe and legitimate place to trust with your hard earned money, you can look for qualities like major endorsements from major companies like ESPN or FOX, positive customer testimony, or perhaps, most important of all, longevity. In a business as competitive as sports betting, sites that don’t pay out their players reliably do not last long.

Deposits and Payouts – Just as important as placing the bets themselves is the ability to move money freely in and out of the sportsbook. None of the legitimate USA sports betting sites will allow you to place a bet on credit, so quality deposit options are necessary. On the same coin, it’s important your sportsbook supply you with high quality and convenient options to cash out your winnings. A winning bet doesn’t do a player much good if they have trouble turning it into cash. USA Sportsbook Deposits - USA Sportsbook Payouts

A variety of betting options – In the modern climate of sports betting, customization is key. Gone are the simple days of betting on a team to win, you want a sportsbook that offers comprehensive spreads, moneylines, futures bets, and even propositions that can take place inside of a single game or over the course of an entire season involving all of your favorite teams or players. Any legitimate online sportsbook for US players worth their salt will offer a plethora of means to bet on your favorite sports.

Promotions and Bonuses for New and Frequent Players – We all know that hanging out at sportsbook in Vegas will get you loads of rewards. All the best USA sportsbooks will do the same by enticing you with bonus money and free play. The only thing that feels better than money won off a bet is money won off a bet that you didn’t have to pay for. Keep an eye on those promotions pages at your favorite sportsbook, and stay on top of what deals could be available to you!

Unique Features – Any good sports betting site will want to stay ahead of the technological curve by offering sparkling new features to their players. Checking for features like mobile sports betting apps or live betting can help give you a good idea of how innovative your sportsbook plans on being, and their devotion to staying current with or even ahead of the times.

Customer Service – One of the most important aspects of using your online sportsbook is using it in a way that you get the most bang for your buck. All of the sportsbooks that we recommend come equipped with some of the very best customer service departments in the world that offer 24-hour phone support and support through both email and live chat options. No matter what comes up, you’ll never be in the dark too long with these quality US online sportsbooks.

Facts About The Best USA Sportsbooks + Sports Betting In The United States

  • Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players Are Not Required To Follow US regulations and laws
  • It is legal for US residents to bet on sports if the Online sportsbook is located offshore
  • Alot More money is bet using online sportsbooks every day then in Las Vegas sportsbooks
  • You can get deposit bonuses and reload bonuses that are not heard of in Vegas
  • All of the best USA sportsbooks will have your payouts to your door in As Fast as The Next Day

Best Online Sportsbooks For US Players

Now that you know what we look for in a sportsbook, we can start to point you towards some that we consider the very best. Rest assured that we thoroughly tested the following sports betting sites that accept USA players according to our high standards, and that they all came out well above the mark. Any of these sites will provide a more than adequate platform for betting on sports without buying an expensive ticket to Las Vegas.

Best Overall Sportsbook That Accepts U.S. Players
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Bovada Sportsbook

When the NBA Finals turn on the last play of the night in game seven, you don’t want to be the schmuck sitting in his living room who knew the underdog was going to win all along, but didn’t do anything about it. With the online sportsbook at Bovada, you’ll never have to worry about that. Since its inception over two decades ago, this US online sportsbook has provided top tier service to US players, offering them a place to bet on the big game without any worries or concerns other than what they should place their bet on. Bovada’s long record of service, pristine reputation and tightly secured financial system ensure that their players need waste no time worrying about the safety of their website and only about getting their bets in.

Luckily, when you sign up with Bovada, getting your bets in couldn’t be easier. Thanks to one of the best mobile sites on the entire web, Bovada users may log into their account from anywhere in the world and place bets on any sport, league or team they so desire. The mobile site will never leave you in the dust on a good bet again, just so long as you have your phone handy. It’s technological innovations like these that keep the Bovada online sportsbook at the top of its game, and the top of the industry.

One Of The Fastest Growing USA Sportsbooks
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While we will concede the fact that not a lot of thought went into the name of this online sportsbook for USA residents, we’re convinced that when you spend a little bit of tine with them, you’ll concede that they’re one of the best sports betting site a lucky prospective bettor can come across. First, let’s talk betting lines. The bookmakers at SportsBetting are unrivaled, and they get their lines out faster than any other sportsbook in the world. The combined speed and efficiency of the bookmakers has been noticed, and major sports networks like ESPN often cite the game lines open on SportsBetting. If you’re looking to bet at the place where the pros go, do yourself a favor and check SportsBetting out.

Happily, checking them out has never been easier. For a limited time, when you first sign up at SportsBetting, you can claim a new user bonus that matches 50% of your deposit all the way up to $1000. This is a fantastic way to explore the sportsbook and make some bets without putting any of your initial bankroll at risk. When you want to try out one of the world’s top sportsbooks at no risk to you, head on over to SportsBetting and see what the buzz is about.

Featured On Television Networks Like ESPN + CNN
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BetOnline Sportsbook

After over a decade in the sports betting industry, it’s time to finally stand up and take notice of BetOnline. They may be one of the newer sports betting sites in the industry, but they have proven repeatedly and beyond all reasonable doubt that they deserve a spot as one of the best in the world. Not only do the bookmakers around the site do some real heavy lifting, the designers do as well. You simply won’t find a better looking, or easier to use online sportsbook than the one at BetOnline. Streamlined for ease of use and efficiency, you can filter through thousands of game lines in a matter of seconds and, thanks to the speedy servers, you’ll never hit a single speed bump.

The best part is when you sign up at BetOnline you’ll know that you’re signing up with a site that takes supreme care of its clientele. As a member of BetOnline, you’re entitled to a deposit bonus of 25% of your deposit all the way up to $1000. This is not a mere signup bonus either, but rather a bonus that lasts as long as your account. That’s right, for the lifetime of your account with BetOnline; you’ll have access to free bonus money with every single deposit. If that doesn’t jump-start your bankroll, nothing will!

Best USA Sportsbooks
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Other Things To Know About Online Sports Betting In The USA

So far, we have shown you what we look for in a sportsbook and the very best venues for taking care of your betting needs. This is all the information that you need to get started, but if you’re anything like us, you want to make sure you have the whole picture. The rest of this page will go over some of the nuance as it relates to sports betting in the US, mainly concerning the laws. Once you read this over, you’ll be able to place all the bets you want, confident in the legality of your actions.

Sports Betting Laws In The United States Of America

There are several different things you need to think about when researching the sports betting laws in the USA. You need to be sure that you are following state and federal laws in order to be completely safe.

Federal Sports Betting Laws– There are federal laws that attack sports betting both on land and over the internet that date all the way back to 1961. You can check out our federal law page on this very site to get a complete picture on all the federal policies governing gambling, but there is really just one important thing to know concerning all three major acts. They do not target or prosecute bettors, on the facilitators of betting. Whether we’re talking about the Federal Wire Act of 1961, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) passed in 1992, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act (UIGEA) of 2006, all of these laws target only bookmakers, and cannot penalize mere players.

Still, even if you can’t get in trouble for betting, it’s always good peace of mind to know that you’re betting with a legal enterprise. How then can these legal US online sportsbooks operate in a country that outlaws the facilitation of betting? The easy answer is that they don’t. Since all of the sports betting sites we mention function overseas, they are safely outside of US jurisdiction, and may therefore accept US players with no fear of intervention by the federal government.

State Sports Betting Laws – In addition to federal law, every US citizen is subject to one of 50 sets of laws that govern individual states. With very few exceptions, the states generally fall in line with federal policy concerning sports betting in that it’s legal to bet in the US but illegal to take bets. Still, it always helps to be as knowledgeable as possible. This is why we wrote a page devoted solely to states’ laws regarding sports betting to help every US resident figure out their rights and responsibilities when it comes to betting on sports.

Sports Betting Age - There is one key factor remaining when attempting to bet on sports in the United States: the legal betting age. Unlike the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, there is no federally mandated age to bet on sports, so it will vary from state to state. The range is between 18-21 years old, so all US residents over 21 should have an easy time betting on sports legally. If you’re unsure about the betting age in your home state, you can check how old you must be in order to play in a land based casino. If there are no casinos in your home state, go by the pari-mutuel betting age. If your state does not offer pari-mutuel betting you can go by the state lottery age or, finally, just assume the betting age in your state is 18 if none of those options exist.

Read more about the US states with legal sports betting here to learn where it is legal to bet in person as well as online. Or you can read this article: Is sports betting legal in the USA?

The Best USA Online Sportsbooks vs. The Best Sportsbooks in Vegas

Although we’re huge proponents of online sports betting, we won’t lie to you: we love Las Vegas, and it’s an experience that everyone should undertake at least once. In fact we have a page that is simply dedicated to listing the best Las Vegas Sportsbooks on this site. However, the problem is that it’s just not practical to do on a daily basis. If you had to buy a plane ticket every time you had a good feeling about a bet, you’d probably have to bet astronomical amounts just to break even on the trip. For the 99.1% of the population that does NOT live in Nevada, USA sports betting sites are clearly the better option.

In addition to convenience, when you stick with the best USA online sportsbooks, you can get service that rivals that of the land based sportsbooks in Las Vegas, complete with free money, bonuses, and full 24-hour support. The internet has made the world a much smaller place, and this has thankfully brought a full and complete sports betting experience right into the living rooms of most prospective bettors. From ease of access to quick deposits and payouts, these websites offer top-notch convenience for all their valuable members, and if you don’t happen to live close to the Mirage, well, that’s OK. You can have a pristine betting experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Best USA Sportsbooks
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