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Picking out a great online sportsbook can be a long and arduous process if you don’t know where to look. That’s what we are here for, to steer you in the right direction. USA sports betting sites have been around in some shape or form since almost the dawn of the internet. These days, sites like the ones we review can now serve players from all 50 states legally, and offer out-of-this-world bonuses that make players rich every day.

Join us as we take a look at the sportsbooks that are dominating the industry right now. Each site offers different perks, but you can be sure that each one is ranked among the best sites in the world. We have done the hard research, meaning we have played the odds extensively and won money.

What To Look For In A USA Sportsbook

We don’t like to toot our own horn very often, but we think that we have created a powerful resource here for US players that are looking for a top-tier sports betting site. Our staff is full of sports fanatics, so we have pooled our knowledge of sports betting to come up with a cherry-picked list of our favorite online sportsbooks. These are the sites with the safest funding methods, biggest rewards, best customer service, and stellar reputation

How We Review Sportsbooks

When we decide to take the time to write a review, it is either because we absolutely love, or absolutely detest a sportsbook. We don’t feel that it is worth our time or your time to waste space writing about a mediocre site. Instead, we want to show you which sites are worth it, and which sites to avoid like the plague. Since this is a site dedicated to the best USA online sportsbooks, we will stick to the sites that we rank at the top.

We review sportsbooks with a methodical and thorough approach. We consider everything from the reputation, amount of members, accolades and member reviews, and certifications and gaming licenses. That covers the legitimacy of a site. We then go through each individual part of a sportsbook from signing up and making a deposit, to placing bets and collecting payouts. Next, we will present short reviews of sites that are worth your time, but make sure to check out the longer reviews to get a full grasp of what each site has to offer.

Best Overall Sportsbook That Accepts U.S. Players
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Bovada Sportsbook

When seeking out a premier online sportsbook that accepts US players, you want to be sure that the site is safe. Bovada allays any fear of questionable security by having an astounding track record. For more than two decades, this sportsbook has proven to be a favorite among professional and amateur sports bettors alike. The site’s reputation speaks for itself, but the gaming licenses and certificates of good standing just add to the sense of safety. We have never been more comfortable betting real money online, and have never had a problem depositing or withdrawing funds.

Bovada puts player safety first, and the astounding customer service is there 24/7 to answer any questions you might have while playing. You will also find a mobile betting feature that will allow you to access the sportsbook, customer support, deposits and payouts, and your account information from the palm of your hand. This is one of the most interactive online sportsbooks we have ever seen, and we know that you will have a great time, so check Bovada out today!

One Of The Fastest Growing USA Sportsbooks
customer rating: is a vibrant and dynamic legal sports betting site for US players. You’ll find all of the best bonuses and features at, including welcome bonuses, mobile betting, and live in-game play. Most importantly, it’s legal and safe. You can rest easy that your money is in good hands. follows the letter of the law to a tee. It has been recognized by many of the largest news and media corporations in the world.

If you have any doubts as to the legality of, lay those doubts to rest. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is one of the main laws prevent sports betting sites from operating within the United States. Since is an offshore site, it isn’t governed by the UIGEA. Nor is it subject to the Wire Act, which prevents funds or betting information from being transferred across state lines through a wire communications facility. Furthermore, there is no law that prevents American citizens from participating in online wagering sites. Legality is the word of the day when it comes to

Featured On Television Networks Like ESPN + CNN
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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is one of the original stalwarts of the US online sports betting industry. Today, the site still stands as one of the leading premier sportsbooks, and is just as fun, safe, and legal as it has always been. If you are new to betting online then this place is for you. In the bottom corner of the sportsbook lies a help section with an extensive glossary of terms, and a walkthrough describing each step of the betting process. The phenomenal customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well.

Experience and a great reputation grant accolades from top players in the sports entertainment industry. Giant media outlets regularly praise BetOnline as an online sportsbook of the highest esteem. We regularly wager on this site, have not seen any evidence that suggests that these awards and recognitions are false or overblown. Seriously, check out BetOnline for an out-of-this-world sports betting experience.

More Betting Odds Than Vegas Sportsbooks
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5Dimes Sportsbook

The internet is rife with sportsbooks, some less than reputable. Our mission is to point you, the smart and savvy bettor, toward safe, legal online sportsbooks for US players. One such site is It’s an all-around solid site, not overly flashy, but really substantial. The simple, white and blue design of the site is easy on the eyes. All of the relevant information is right there, in plain view. One comforting thing about 5Dimes is that they really seem to care about providing good customer service. If you ever have a question or comment, they offer ten different customer service numbers, a fax number, and email.

The legality of 5Dimes is without question. The site was established in Costa Rica in 1996, and has since developed a reputation of excellence and quality. 5Dimes is fully cooperative with all legal regulations. Since the site is based in South America, it is not bound by the tenets of US law. For example, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Wire Act place restrictions on sites that exist inside the United States only, and have absolutely no bearing on sites like 5Dimes. That hardly even matters, because there is no law targeting American citizens who use online betting sites. What this means is that you don’ have to worry about breaking any laws by using

Best USA Sportsbooks
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How To Pick From Our List Of The Best USA Sportsbooks

First off, read the full sportsbook reviews that we link to. Now that you have a general overview of what is out there, it is time to sign up and start wagering real money on your favorite teams. Our reviews will reveal that each site has its own unique charm; it is up to you to decide which one suits your tastes. You don’t have to choose just one. Most of our team enjoys wagering at multiple sportsbooks, taking advantage of each sites’ features. Things to consider are deposit and payout methods, bonuses, special features such as mobile betting, and the general feel of the site. Some sites cater towards seasoned bettors, while others are great for beginners. It is up to you to get out there and explore the amazing world of online sports betting.

We have touched on many of these aspects in our short reviews above, but we urge you to check out the more extensive reviews to go in-depth about all the amazing features that are available. We hardly mentioned some excellent options such as mobile betting, live/in game wagering, and special tournaments. You will find all of this information in our thorough reviews, and then you will be well on your way to playing for the big bucks.

Best USA Sportsbooks
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