5Dimes Sportsbook Review - USA Players Accepted

Welcome to our 5 Dimes Sportsbook review, where you will find everything you need to know about one of the very best online sportsbooks for US players. Some of the best online sportsbooks for USA players often claim to offer unbelievable rewards that will make you rich before you’ve even made a bet. Be wary of these rackets, they offer empty promises. 5Dimes is a rather low-key affair compared to the flagrant marketing platforms that many sites use to get members to fork over hard-earned cash. 5Dimes is dedicated to providing non-stop sportsbetting action for true fans, without all the hollow flaunting that turns many sites into jokes.

This review will cover who is welcome to sign up at 5Dimes, a site that caters to American sports bettors. We will explore the legal landscape that makes playing at 5Dimes safe and legitimate, and review the safety protocols that the site employs to keep your information safe. We will look at everything from signup bonuses to customer service to see exactly why 5Dimes is the world’s best legal online sportsbook for USA residents. Visit 5 Dimes

Who Can Use 5Dimes Sportsbook?

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5Dimes is open to anyone in the US. No matter where you live, you can use 5Dimes legally, and with the assurance that you are playing at a well-respected sportsbook. One thing to keep in mind is age. 5Dimes requires members to be 18 or older to sign up. This might conflict with your state laws, so it is a good idea to look at them before signing up. Legal gambling age varies by state, but the usual age will be either 18 or 21. Always follow the state guidelines when signing up for a legal USA sports betting site.

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Is 5Dimes Sportsbook Legal?

5Dimes sportsbook is 100% legal, and anyone in the US can use it. The law states that a web-based sportsbook must reside outside of the United States, and 5Dimes runs out of Costa Rica. There is no law against US players using a site as long as it operates overseas. 5Dimes owns a gambling license, a certificate of good standing, and is a major contributor to the offshore wagering industry. There are millions of players online at any given time, and there has never been an arrest for an American using 5Dimes.

As long as a legal sports betting site accepts players from your state, you are golden. 5Dimes is one of the few sites that allow residents of all 50 states to join. This is great because, even if you move, you can use the site safely for as long as you feel like wagering on your favorite games. Visit 5 Dimes

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Is 5Dimes Safe For USA Players?

When wagering online, the safekeeping of funds is of prime importance. 5Dimes uses groundbreaking security features to protect members’ money, information, and safety. They have never suffered a cyber-assault or an information leak. Launched in 1996 in Costa Rica, 5Dimes is one of the most experienced legal sports betting sites that accepts USA citizens. Leading gaming commissions license and certify 5Dimes because the site makes sports betting as fun as it is safe. Veteran bettors turn to 5Dimes for the exceptional values and secure wagering options. This site is a leader in the sports betting industry, and they have more than earned their stellar reputation. Visit 5 Dimes

What Makes 5 Dimes Sportsbook One Of The Best

We have already touched on why 5dimes is legal and safe for US players to use, the following paragraphs will touch on what it is that sets this sportsbook apart from the rest of the competition. While safety and legality are without a doubt the top things to look for in your legal online sportsbook for USA players, all of these characteristics are what turn an ordinary betting experience into an extraordinary one.

Bonuses & Promotions:

No site out there is as revolutionary as 5Dimes when it comes to rewards for loyal members. Exclusive offers like Reduced Juice continually award valued members. Reduced Juice diminishes the amount of Vigorish that players pay when placing a bet, meaning 5Dimes members risk less and win more than at the competing sportsbooks. The fact that hundreds or thousands of bets can happen over a year, Reduced Juice savings add up very fast. Incentives like this litter the site, and there is always a new way for 5Dimes members to profit.

Deposit Methods:

5Dimes offers a vast array of deposit options, making it one of the easiest legal USA online sportsbooks to start betting with. Depositing with a credit card is the quickest and most popular way to add money to an account. There is no fee with card deposits, which is very rare in the online sportsbook industry. You can deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $250 with a card. Other funding methods such as certified check, money order, and Bitcoin all have various benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the right deposit method for you is a process of discovery. Check out the “Sportsbook deposit Methods” page to explore your options.

Payout Methods:

The methods for withdrawing money at 5Dimes are just as varied as the deposit methods. Members can use every method for depositing to collect winnings with the exception of credit cards. Because of international money transfer laws, 5Dimes cannot put the funds directly on your card. This is not a hindrance, as there are many excellent payout methods such as certified checks, money orders, Bitcoin, gift cards, and more. These methods come with little-to-no fees, and get you your money fast. Head over to the “Funding Methods” page to read more about the various ways to collect. Sportsbook Payouts

Sports To Bet On:

5Dimes outstanding sportsbook is the sites’ crowning achievement. You will find everything from Baseball to Wresting, and the expert odds update hourly. Each sport has a dedicated section in the sportsbook, and it is very easy to navigate. You can search by sport, most popular, live in-play, about to go off, and team. If you are new to the sports book, the “about to go off” section is great because it will list all competitions that will start in the next 30 minutes. 5Dimes makes finding the game you want to bet on simple and quick.

Ways To Wager:

A great sportsbook will offer many ways to wager in order to please amateurs and seasoned bettors alike. If you are just looking to bet on the outcome of a game, it couldn’t be easier. Straight bets, totals, and futures are available for every sport for easy ways to get in on the action. If you like betting on all aspects of a game, 5Dimes has some great wager options like reverses, parlays, teasers, round robins, point buying and many more. Whether you want to bet on the winner, or micro-manage all aspects of a game, 5Dimes will have plenty of options to please the most ardent sports fan.

Ways To Access The Site:

The most obvious way to play at 5Dimes is from a PC or laptop, but you can also bet over the phone. You can speak directly to a customer service representative around the clock to access straight wagers, parlays, teasers, futures, and more. 5Diems also offers mobile access to the sportsbook, so you can now bet from your mobile device. The entire sportsbook is accessible from the palm of your hand, making this the most convenient way to play. Just sign in to your account from your mobile device and you will be all set.

Customer Service:

5Dimes offers live-chat support 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The friendly customer service team is knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. There are also dedicated phone lines for each section of the site. There are three sports betting phone numbers to call, where you can place bets, ask questions, or learn more about the best legal online sportsbooks in the USA. You can email the site as well, and they usually respond within a few hours. 5Dimes is never more than a mouse click, or a phone call away.

Registration Process:

When you are ready to become a member of the greatest legal USA sports betting site, just click on the “Register Here” button at the top-right of the front page. This will take you to a registration form where you will fill in some rudimentary contact information. The site will then send a confirmation email, and once you click on that you will be a full-fledged 5Dimes member. You will be able to explore the entire sportsbook before making a first deposit, so there is no risk in signing up, the site does not charge for membership. Visit 5 Dimes

Overall Thought Of 5Dimes Sportsbook

There are so many reasons we chose 5Dimes as our favorite legal sports betting site for USA players. The security features are unparalleled. No recorded security leaks means this site knows what it’s doing when it comes to protection. The vast array of funding methods beats out any other site out there by giving players numerous ways to deposit and withdraw cash. We could go on for pages about all the little things that make this site great, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises that lie in wait for new members.

5Dimes is an amazing legal USA online sportsbook with loads of style and excellent security. The combination of an intuitive layout, and a powerfully deep sportsbook, make 5Dimes a powerhouse for sports fans of all calibers. It is easy enough for beginners to use, but in-depth enough for seasoned veterans to spend hours managing their bets. We highly recommend checking out 5Dimes today. Visit 5 Dimes

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